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ArkiBee will be the new publication dedicated to the creative support services of the architectural industry. It will launch in early 2021 and you can be part of it before it goes live.

Whether you’re a freelance model maker or a marketing consultant, ArkiBee wants to see you as a reader and a participant at the same time.

If you work for an agency or consulting firm, we’d love to hear what you are currently doing with architects, property developers or contractors.

You could be an IT service company or a web design agency with clients in an established environment. Then you can tell us about your achievements.

Photographers, CG artists, graphic designers, editors, marketing experts, consultants from various disciplines working with architectural practices, developers and contractors… ArkiBee will be your publication to share your experiences, ideas, events, announcements and news about your profession.

If you work as creative support staff in an architectural application, ArkiBee is the publication for you too. We want to hear from in-house marketing and business development staff, BIM managers, bid coordinators, practice managers… in short, from anyone who is not designing but who helps architects and designers to produce them.

Use the form on this page to share what you think of us and how you want to be part of ArkiBee and we will get in touch with you.