About ArkiBee

What is ArkiBee?

ArkiBee is a new online publication dedicated primarily to creative support professionals who work closely with architectural firms, property developers, engineering companies, building contractors and product manufacturers to realise their designs.

How is it different?

There are many architectural and design publications out there that focus on the completed buildings and their designers. ArkiBee has a different twist: it prioritises the opinions of creative support professionals who collaborate with architectural and design practices.

It will mostly concentrate on the process and methods of design team members rather than the end results. Yet in ArkiBee you will surely see images and read stories about projects as told by creative support teams.

Who is ArkiBee for?

ArkiBee is a platform to represent people who work backstage to create the contemporary built environment: CGI artists, marketing professionals, graphic designers, document controllers, BIM managers, specialised consultants, architectural photographers, studio directors, HR professionals, model makers … all the people who make up the teams that turn ideas into realities in collaboration with architects and other designers.

Who is the publisher?

ArkiBee concept is structured by a group of architects and creative support professionals who have decades of experience in marketing, business development and online publishing. The project is realised by the London based Masa Studio, a communication agency working with architectural practices, property developers and construction companies for over a decade.


Omer Kanipak


Ozlem Ceylan
Managing Editor


Molly Evans
Assistant Editor


Victor Shubin
Digital Manager


CGI Visulisation

Denizhan Olmez
Tudor Vasiliu


Omer Kanipak

Model Making

Win Man