Architects create visions,
you turn them into reality.

ArkiBee is the publication for creative support professionals in architecture




ArkiBee is a new online publication dedicated primarily to creative support professionals who work closely with architectural firms, property developers, engineering companies, building contractors and product manufacturers to realise their designs.


There are many architectural and design publications out there. They primarily focus on the completed buildings and their designers. ArkiBee has a different twist: it prioritises the opinions of creative support professionals who collaborate with architectural and design practices.

It concentrates on the process and methods of design team members rather than the end results. Yet in ArkiBee you will surely see images and read stories about projects as told by creative support teams.


Currently Interviews conducted with creative support people, consultants and directors of external services form the core of ArkiBee.

In the near future newsarticles and events will be published here.

ArkiBee will also publish the latest works by architectural photographers, CGI rendering agencies, graphic designers, marketing professionals, engineers and consultants as case studies.


Certainly! Right now we are communicating with many professionals in the industry and you can be one of them. But you don’t need to be contacted. Send us your press releases or request to be interviewed.

Just fill out the form to find out how you can be part of this exciting concept.

Who is ArkiBee for?

ArkiBee is a platform to represent people who work backstage to create the contemporary built environment: CGI artists, marketing professionals, graphic designers, document controllers, BIM managers, specialised consultants, architectural photographers, studio directors, HR professionals, model makers … all the people who make up the teams that turn ideas into realities in collaboration with architects and other designers.

Service Suppliers

CGI Rendering Artists
Model Makers
Graphic Designers
Web Designers/Developers
Marketing/PR Agencies
IT Support Companies
Reprographics Services
Event Organisers
Communication Services

In-House Professionals

Business Development Managers
Bid Directors
Marketing Managers
BIM Directors
Technical Directors
Finance Managers
Graphic Designers
Model Makers
Document Controllers
Practice Managers
HR Directors

External Consultants

Engineering Consultants
Lighting Designers
Acoustic Consultants
Landscape Architects
Planning Consultants
Quantity Surveyors
Heritage Consultants
Contractual Experts
FF&E Consultants
Sustainability Consultants
Health & Safety Consultant